Complete your eastern look with Rici Melion Waistcoat collection

Waistcoats are now a fashion statement they can be seen from the ramps of the fashion walks to the streets of Pakistan. Waistcoats over shalwar kameez or kurta are becoming a trend at Nikah/mehndi/barat functions as well. Rici Melion has an alluring collection of formal & casual waistcoats and when coupled with the simple shalwar suit, they add a dazzling effect.

Waistcoat with Shalwar Kameez or Kurta is an eastern attire that is mostly worn on wedding events. Embroidered waistcoats add charm and grace to your entire suit at formal events. Sometimes waistcoat is also worn casually by men who like to wear a casual yet stylish and smart dressing. They can wear white kurta with waistcoat over rolled up sleeves, and formal shoes that match perfectly. You can don yourself with Rici Melion waistcoat collection and get a classy look instantly.

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Rici Melion is offering excellent formal and casual waistcoats with eye-catching and breath-taking color combinations. You can style yourself with Rici Melion as our expert stylists at our outlets will help you in choosing out the best for you. And if you are further exploring how to style your waistcoat then you can also add our exquisite accessories which will give you a rich traditional appearance.

Rici Melion believe that to make a good impression the clothes have to be well-fitted because the fitting of your clothes can make or break the entire look. If your waistcoat is not according to your size then it will look rumpled and possibly make you look older than your age. A lot of men complain that they don’t like to wear waistcoats because they are usually not of the proper size but at Rici Melion you don’t need to be worried about your size because every cloth is cut to fit each body size perfectly and is further tailored according to the requirements.  

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The impeccable waistcoat collection of Rici Melion has redefined class, charm and sophistication. If you are looking for some unique styles and want to be the best-dressed man at this wedding season or eid festival then add the most elegant and tasteful waistcoats by Rici Melion to your shalwar suit. The style combinations at Rici Melion will definitely give you the sharp look that you deserve.

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