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Premium waistcoats and prince suits for men in Pakistan


Ricimelion is one of the most finest and premium retail labels having the most exquisite eastern and western wedding collection for men. They attire their clients with exceptional waistcoats and are expertise and have a huge name in Pakistani men’s waistcoats. Ricimelion provides its patrons with their most trendy and classy collection of waistcoats in both ready to wear and bespoke wear. Ricimelion makes sure that the vogue of eastern awami waistcoat for men should be on the peak of its trend and giving you the perfect look for your desired event. They have waistcoat with range of different color options having superior quality fabrics that are their utmost priority which includes, jute, silk, linen and velvet, opting as the season changes. Without exception black waistcoat for men has always been on the top for the choice of every season and event no matter what style and detailing you are looking for, it is wearable in any formal as well as casual events.

Groom Waistcoats brands in Pakistan

In the Pakistani fashion industry Rici Melion being one of the most exquisite and skilled in providing their clients luxury wear with a huge range of color, style and designs options to choose from. Rici Melion is considered to be one of the leading and superlative brands in men’s clothing brands in Pakistan. The brand offers lavish variety of groom waistcoat in immersive quality and design options. Rici Melion being one of the most leading websites and specialized in wedding wear both eastern and western catering to every patron their needs and requirement for wedding. Rici Melion has their own stylist who can advise you with the best options for your event. Having numerous options in wedding wear exclusively includes best Pakistani men’s waistcoat beating all the brands in the fashion industry.

Embroidered and stylish waistcoats for men

Rici Melion is known to be the best in custom tailoring and provides its customers with the flawless and exemplary fit whether you are buying from ready to wear eastern and western you can choose from their designed immense variety or if you want your own desired design you can opt for in bespoke wear eastern and western. You will get your desired attire with the premium fit having broad collection of awami waistcoats; including variety of embellishments and ornamentation also they have diversity in embroidered waistcoat and assorted range of stylish waistcoats for men. Rici Melion is considered unique and distinct in their eastern wear; moreover the brand has one of the most attractive Pakistani waistcoat that grabs the attention of men who are looking for classy trends with supreme quality fabric options.

Prince suits for groom

Rici Melion is the trendsetter in the fashion industry giving their clients with faultless fit in their costumes whether they are ready to wear or they are designed as custom wear, setting the trend for other brands in Pakistani fashion industry for men designer label. Rici Melion is expertise in providing brilliance and luxury wear for men in Pakistan. The brand’s reach has increased to the international level and is leading the fashion world. It is comprised of dazzling variety of Prince suit for groom and pretentious range of prince coat. They also have multitudinous style and designs options in prince suit. At Rici Melion all the prince coats and suits are inspired from different traditions and heritage, some of their work is embedded on their prince suits and coats in the form of embroidery, they also take inventive and innovative ideas inspired from artisans, art pieces and artifacts.

Prince coats for wedding

Rici Melion, an international designer label, with great opulence experience in retail manufacturing. Rici Melion effortlessly makes you feel like a prince in their wedding prince coat collection. The overall range of the brand is handcrafted conscientiously with delicate handling using finest techniques. Rici Melion prince coat for groom gives you the impression of majesty with variety of intricate and baroque designs on luxurious fabric. Their splendid collection of prince coat for wedding are inspired from different ancient art works and art movements that comprises of Renaissance, Art Noveau, Art Deco and different medieval eras. Rici Melion offers wide range of wedding essentials for men in Pakistan and give their patron huge number of options with respect of color, designs and incorporating them with modern cuts and silhouettes.


Rici Melion is considered to be one of the finest and premium designer labels in Pakistan clothing brand retail industry. Rici Melion provides its buyer with different number of options in both ready to wear and bespoke menswear whether your client is buying from eastern wear wedding or from western wear wedding, Rici Melion will always be on top of the priority list when you are looking for the desired product. The brand has massive assortment of wedding collection includes waistcoats, sherwanis, prince suits and coats in several color and designs options with respect to their embroidery, embellishments and ornaments and other details and modern cuts.