Amunet - Jumpsuit

Amunet - Jumpsuit

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This perfectly tailored parchment jumpsuit conveys power, style and a sense of identity. It features utilitarian inspired detailing like the knotted neckline.

Jumpsuit Fabric: Tropical Suiting Fabric Colors: White and Black Features: V neck, front bow tie, flat trousers.

Being a fashion house standing on the pillars of luxury and evoking its history of fine tailoring, Rici Melion presents Bespoke Western Womenswear Line. A Rici Melion Women is born for plenitude and inner fulfilment. With the spread of conformity and image-driven superficiality, the allure of an individuated women in full possession of herself and her power is irresistible and Rici Melion Western Womenswear advocates just that. The attires are made in premium fabrics that showcase feminine silhouette and expert precision tailoring that add an instant bold appeal to the outfits, resonating with the bold personality trait effortlessly