Helene - Lapel Pin

Helene - Lapel Pin

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Rici Melion offers several different types of lapel pin, which differ in terms of their size, fastening, and what they depict. One of Rici Melion’s expertly handmade design of lapel pins look like flowers but are made of soft materials like silk, linen, satin, or cotton. They are pinned like boutonnieres, but usually a bit smaller in size and with the advantage of being reusable. Rici Melion also has a worthy variety of stick pins as well that are made of various metals like gold, silver, copper, etc. These pins are shaped like a long, thin needle that pops neatly into a metal fastener. Depending on the model, the fastener sits on the end or can slide up and down, giving you precise control over placement. Most of the lapel pins are made from a smooth enamel with a fine quality finesse.

At Rici Melion, lapel pins offer a lot of potential for daring experimentation but remember to keep this to the pin and not their placement. The pin itself, if showing, should run parallel to your lapel rather than straight up or across. This is particularly important for Rici Melion’s lapel pins with longer stems, where the wrong angle can ruin the effect. You can choose from the collection of lapel pin and wear it with almost anything. Traditionally with blazers and suit jackets, but also coats, a tuxedo, or directly on your sweater or shirt as well for a sharp dandy look.