Leopelo - T-shirt

Leopelo - T-shirt

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A uniquely printed crew neck shirt to complet you perfect casual look.


At Rici Melion, an extensive research goes into quality raw materials, the introduction of new yarns and new dyeing and weaving techniques, finishing and extraordinary performance, which is the foundation of our products. Because we want to stay true to our values and make sure that we provide the finest to our patrons around the globe. Rici Melion ready to wear Polo & T-shirts are the perfect choice for men who have a taste for class and charm. The entire collection can be paired with pants, chinos or jeans for effortless style.

Rici Melion is not only an expert in the finest luxury formal wear but also understands the importance of casual wear. Rici Melion T-shirts are capable of resolving any outfit at any time. For us these casual shirts act as means of expression which will personify all your casual attires. Our collection of basic short-sleeve t-shirt, to combine literally with your entire wardrobe, is among the most favorites of our patrons. A t-shirt with stripes, prints or messages to wear during your free time, or with special details such as pockets, trims or buttons. The colors, fabrics and styles increase season after season. Choose the one you like best with Rici Melion.

In casual wear the alluring collection of polo shirts will add a mixture of comfort and elegance to make a perfect garment. At Rici Melion, we offer you short-sleeve polo shirts with softness as their main attribute. Prints and colors are renewing themselves, catering for all the needs a modern man may have, from more neutral tones to dark colors or stripes; also with details in the fabrics, which range from linen to the classic piqué.




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