Lighzere - Tie

Lighzere - Tie

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A necktie is one of the oldest existing men’s accessories. And we can see many variations in neckties and bow ties due to the ever-evolving fashion. At Rici Melion we also offer a variety of ties and bow ties. With bold stripes, quintessential solid silk, and polka-dotted and abstract printed patterned ties, the brand has something for everyone! Ties are a reflection of one’s personality also. Simplistic and solid ties are usually for someone who has a sober persona. However bold and funky ties with various abstract patterns are generally worn by someone with a louder personality.

Rici Melion offers ties to accentuate all your occasions be it a wedding day or an evening party, the wide range of designs makes it easier for the customer to choose from. Both off-the-shelf designs and customized designs are offered by the brand. Most customers prefer to customize their tie colors and patterns for their wedding day to match the outfit of their brides. However, for office looks or casual get-togethers, customers usually prefer an off-the-shelf tie that complements their suits.


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