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About RTW Shalwar Kameez

About RTW Shalwar Kameez

Rici Melion, a global designer label that revolves around utter novelty, provides a quality control in their Shalwar kameez that reflects the craftsmanship and effort put into customer satisfaction. Rici Melion provides ready to wear shalwar kameez inspired by the regality of Mughal courts. Hence, the beauty of Rici Melion’s Shalwar Kameez evokes magnificence, nobility and regality.

Rici Melion focuses exclusively on quality and impeccable fit to strive towards excellence. We have a wide variety of clothing made from the finest 100% cotton to deliver you the best traditional fit. We stitch our articles to embed a reminder towards the trends and all that we stand for. The ready to wear shalwar kameez is constructed under a high vigilance to create a crease-resistant garment that is iron-easy, elegant and offers versatility.

Each design of Rici Melion ready to wear shalwar kameez is uniquely beautiful with a worthy variety in different fabric materials and different designs. They are traditionally ornate in rich colors with five spread collar, round cuffs, four button front, horn/brass buttons which can be adorned with waistcoats both plain and embellished. The range of shalwar kameez will allow you to reflect a true essence of traditional heritage.


With the precise stitching, outstanding designs, and the finest fabric, our ready to wear shalwar kameez are undeniably better than the rest. We take pride in providing great products and great service to our patrons. At Rici Melion, we are trying to create the best Shalwar Kameez just so that we can make your occasions and events more extraordinary and unforgettable.

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