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Best Quality Bespoke Sherwani and Waistcoat For Men in Pakistan

Best Quality Bespoke Sherwani and Waistcoat For Men in Pakistan

5 Surefire Ways to Nail the Bespoke Sherwani and Waistcoat for Men Look On Your Big Day

Bespoke Waistcoat

Pakistani Men’s Obsession for Waistcoats is Real, Here’s why

Nailing the wedding look at their big days has always remained the most sought-after trend for Pakistanis. Wedding shopping is the most exciting thing during all the hustle-bustle of a desi wedding and it’s a general assumption when it comes to men that they are the most neglected persons when it comes to wedding shopping. But not from now, as Rici Melion took a dig to modify the men’s wear and has taken the industry by storm since its inception. Rici Melion is one of the most exquisite mens clothing brands in Pakistan that has scaled up men’s fashion. Be it your wedding day or other important occasions, Rici Melion’s wide array of waistcoats for men is there to style up your game. With Rici Melion around the corner, you have the freedom to choose from a variety of Pakistani mens waistcoats, boys waistcoats, and bespoke formals with shopping options that bring ease to you.

Tips to Nail Bespoke Sherwani and Waistcoat for Men

Bespoke Sherwani

Choose a Modish Bottom Wear

Sherwanis are normally complemented by slim pants, churidars, or leggings to give yourself a different look. Choosing bottom wear can be confusing as all the options are equally trending and your choice is put to the test. The choice can be made hassle-free if you go with a clear mindset. Generally, bottom wear should complement the sherwani which means it’s all about mix and match. The other way is to go with total the total contrast option which is again a tricky choice. But at Rici Melion, we have an extended range of bottom wear to make the outing easy hassle-free for you.

Groom Waistcoats are the New Normal 

It seems like trends are taking a mild shift here when it comes to going for wearing sherwanis only at weddings. Stylish waistcoats for men seemed to have started making a mark in Pakistani weddings. Waistcoats are a great fit for men on Nikkah and Mehandi days especially. .Moreover, in provinces like Sindh, and KPK where traditional wear is mostly adopted at weddings too, the adoption of waistcoats on Barat and Walima multiplies. Keeping the Pakistani norm in view, Rici Melion is committed to coming up with a premium line of embroidered waistcoats and groom waistcoats to normalize this trend and making it a go-to option for those who love wearing waistcoats on weddings.

Go With a Distinct Approach

Grooms and brides are the spotlights of every wedding and they need to look distinctive from the pool. So, tip number two is to go with a distinct approach which can be made sure by opting for colors that make you look different from the lot. At Rici Melion, we made sure you look dapper and bold at your wedding by offering a range of sherwani designs and other wedding dresses for men. With plenty of options available for designer sherwani for men in the Pakistani market, Rici Melion is distinct enough to be your wedding style guide on the most important of your life.

Bespoke Sherwani

Color Co-ordination between Bride and Groom’s Dresses

This is probably the most classic trend in this list and many of us have seen brides and grooms following this tip. What better view it could be than a bride and groom wearing dresses that complement each other. Wearing a dress that is not color-coordinated with the bride’s lehenga makes the whole outing looks so weird. If you wish to look stunning together, make sure that your outfit matches the color of your partner’s outfit.

Dupatta with Sherwani 

Celebrities and influencers have shown that a dupatta with a sherwani looks exquisite at a wedding. When combined with a dupatta or stole, the sherwani takes on a captivating appearance. Make sure your dupatta is the same color as your bottoms because going with different colors with dupatta and bottom wear can backfire. Rici Melion has introduced game-changing trends in online shopping in Pakistan where you have a variety of choices available.

Some More Helpful Sherwani Styles to Consider

No doubt weddings are one of the most important days in one’s life and there shouldn’t be any flaw in it. Pakistani take their weddings very seriously conisdering there are some to-dos and don’ts of a wedding, following them means you are all set for having a one of a kind wedding remembered over the years. If you’re considering spending a considerable amount on your wedding dress, then a great option is to go for getting a tailor-made sherwani design as tailor-made sherwani for grooms and custom wedding dress for men ensures to look exclusive because it’s specially made according to how you have anticipated it. Rici Melion is one of the premium sherwani brands in Pakistan that is making your weddings memorable by offering a great range of bespoke sherwanis, waistcoats, and prince coats for grooms.

Bespoke Sherwani

Rici Melion Being the Ultimate Men Clothing Brand in Pakistan for You

Rici Melion Eastern Couture carries the royal tradition of Nawabs through it luxury and formal wear. Each piece is handcrafted using a combination of specialists' knowledge and master tailors' artistry to honour the history of historical culture, lifestyle, and old world grandeur. Rici Melion offers its patrons' shopping experiences by offering in-store, online shopping in Lahore, and all over Pakistan guaranteeing the best sherwani for groom and sherwani for men's shopping experience in Pakistan with utmost comfort. At Rici, we don’t just make customers, we make them a part of our family and it motivates us to do more to come up with the best.

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