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Embroidered Shawls for Men | Velvet Shawl for Groom | RICIMELION

Embroidered Shawls for Men | Velvet Shawl for Groom | RICIMELION

Shawls for Men that Make the Male Shawl Grand for Any and Every Event!

 Shawls for men that are embroidered shawls

The Pakistani men shawl or male shawl fashion is usually characterized with being embroidered shawls especially mens mehndi shawl designs are categorized as heavy hand embroidery shawls. Men, generally are not used to wearing embroidered shawls as even the Pakistani men shawl that is worn in winters like a black shawl for men is usually not embellished, however since male shawl fashion for events in particular have a larger range of hand embroidery shawls, Rici Melion has provided a brilliant mens shawl online range absolutely tailored to the modern male shawl trends and heritage.

If we talk about trends the male shawl fashion dates very far back, and has seen its highs and lows with being in and out of fashion, but for the most part has always had its high with embroidered shawls and hand embroidery shawls for events such as the highly demanded mens mehndi shawl. As a designer label, evolution and uniqueness are of substance when designing any shawls for men and must keep in mind that the Pakistani men shawl trends tend to change every passing season. As for trends, some classics never make their way out of shawls for men no matter what year we are in like black shawl for men with the exception of summer weddings.

Pakistani men shawl having value for events like the mens mehndi shawl, hand embroidery shawls play a gate role in enhancing the value and keeping the elements of history, prestige and grandeur alongside. Mens shawl online offerings usually lack variety lacking the right Pakistani men shawl patterns or the hand embroidery shawls not being at the quality mark that one would wear as a mens mehndi shawl for their event per say. Rici Melion has inculcated the best shawls for men from embroidered shawls to hand embroidery shawls in their extensive mens shawl online offering.


What to look for in embroidered shawls online

Men embroidered shawls can be made in a range of fabrics, for instance the velvet embroidered shawl is a commons choice for a groom sherwani with shawl look and when the groom sherwani shawl is made in silk or brocade fabric would probably mean the groom sherwani shawl being in velvet is becoming too heavy for the person’s liking and visa versa. One very favored aspect towards a velvet embroidered shawl is the fact that it has a royal feeling to it and if made using the prime super fine count velvet that is used by Rici Melion for instance, your groom sherwani shawl would look world apart and distinctly rich.

The aspect of embroidered shawls online is slightly trickier for the reason that you would like to pair it in different ways like the mens kurta shawl is with a kurta alone and the groom sherwani shawl is with an a lot more heavier attire, being the sherwani itself. Much to our patrons advantage, Rici Melion has manned their embroidered shawls online offering with a chat and video call option that allows you to get the right advice be it a mens kurta shawl or groom sherwani shawl choice.

Elaborating on the groom sherwani with shawl get up, is one which is to be chosen keeping in mind the person, the grandeur of the event and the bridal combination that will compliment each other, for instance a black sherwani with shawl in deep burgundy plays beautifully well and results in a flawlessly harmonious manner with the bride wearing a traditional red dress. Coming onto the mens mehndi shawl which is also usually chosen from the embroidered shawls online category can be slightly more vibrant and colorful with regards to the mehndi festivity. Apart from Rici Melion providing free cash on delivery services with their doorstep nationwide delivery the most promising aspect of their embroidered shawls online is the alluring designs provided. 


A shawl for groom is the most important gents shawls online category

A person getting married is always of utmost importance, since it's one of the rarest and most auspicious of occasions, hence the shawl for groom carries great essence in the Rici Melion gents shawls online offering. In the process we must understand the gents shawl online shopping experience aspects that allow you to choose the perfect mens wedding shawl. Allow us to elaborate with a case scenario of someone looking for a mens black shawl and wants that the gents shawl price to be within his respective budget, our online stylists team will not only tell you which male shawl fashion is most trending but also the exact Pakistani embroidered shawls options in the mens black shawl category would suit the person’s physique, height, skin tone and bridal combination.

Gents shawl price ranges are variant, particularly due to Pakistani embroidered shawls having a huge difference based on the fabric used, and more importantly the amount of hand embroidery shawls patterns they may fall into. In today’s time of extravagant weddings and multiple events pre and post weddings, the mens kurta with shawl is a highly demanded combination for it also being trending in the male shawl fashion of Pakistani embroidered shawls. Lastly, the dulha sherwani with shawl combination would also depend on the setting of the event for instance with the rise of afternoon weddings a white embroidered shawl would be a well suited option for the modern dulha sherwani with shawl look, or more importantly summer weddings having a sense of using more lighter shades, a white embroidered shawl would probably be the best gents shawl online choice. 

Discover the best shawls for men while exploring all the variants of embroidered shawls online by the finest luxury designer label Rici Melion on our global website.



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