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Is Eastern wear not important? Etiquettes of fine Eastern dressing!

Is Eastern wear not important? Etiquettes of fine Eastern dressing!

Yes, thats how terribly Rici Melion feels when our expert team of fashion connoisseurs started off with educating our patrons on how, when and where to dress to being a classy eastern individual. Surprisingly, despite eastern wear being such a massively worn attire, whether its a simple kurta, shalwar kameez or for that matter a more formal sherwani; there’s negligible style guides on them. Contrary to western wear, where there’s a mammoth library at everyone’s disposal.

Well, there’s no doubt Eastern wear is not only important, as a matter of fact its what the vast majority of the population wears. Coming to whats important, we will be covering all the basic attires and our basic guides on how to go about wearing them, and what style queues we must take note of.

Shalwar Kameez:

Without doubt, the most loved aspect of a shalwar kameez is the fact that it has this unparalleled sense of ease, comfort and actually allows you to have all the mobility one would require throug the most hectic of days. With that being said, you need to understand who you are, if you're someone who likes more tailored clothes and unstructured bottoms put your productivity down, then a kurta pajama would be a better option.

Kurta Pajama:

Young? Modern? Fit is everything? Well, if thats you, a kurta pajama is without doubt the best eastern wear choice one can go with. Just make sure, your tailor understands the dynamics of the “fly seam” (the crotch seam) since if that is cut too large, it will really ruin your mobility, and if its cut too small, you’re going to feel like something is constantly pushing at your mid area (which is obviously something no one would ever want). The trick we use at the Rici Melion manufacturing facility is our signature “s” cut western dress pants shapes, with a blend of the eastern straight pajama; the result? You guessed right; brilliance. Our patrons say, we have excelled the best of both worlds with our exclusive pajamas!


There are several occasions we choose to wear a kurta, ranging from a casual day at home, to as much as your sibling’s musical night! The thing about kurtas are that they have this beautiful sense of diversity, from the fact that as mentioned earlier they are worn to a range of events but also the fact that what “type” of kurta speaks more than it just being a kurta. Allow us to elaborate; so a plain solid poplin cotton kurta would be something on the more regular wear, then a self textured might be more apt for festivities like Eid, and a chikankari or hand embroidered one would do best for weddings! The entirety is to choose the right kind for the right type of event!

Awami Waistcoats:

Rici Melion has a personal liking towards this particular eastern wear attire, most primarily due to being one of the most innovate, design forward and quality centric offerings it has in the region. Having invested time, resources and expertise, we developed a signature pattern, which has a calling from our valuable patrons’ repeat purchases, prided gifts for special events and the most affluent as well as influential individuals donning Rici Melion’s waistcoats has made them unparalleled; from members of parliament to landlords of our majority rural population to the modern fashion savvy eastern fashionistas. 

Prince Coats:

Want to look like royalty? This eastern wear attire is without doubt your prime attire to look like the charming prince, as its name suggests. One of the most undeniably great aspect of Rici Melion prince coats is the fact that they allow you to play your physique, so if you’re skinny our straight cut prince coats will work perfectly by making you look a lot more broader, if you’re looking to add height our round pattern will space it out adding height and lastly but equally important if you’re desiring to look less heavier our inverted pattern will do you justice.


Some things are solely meant for special, high status and hence rarer occasions, so that is all the more reason to understand how to go about wearing them, what length you should go by and when to add embellished detailing. So, if we talk about wearing them; there’s no doubt if you want to add height, don't go for a very elongated pattern, and if you’re looking to hide some weight, let the length flow (both in considerable limits, but don't worry about what is or is not considerate, our Rici Melion fashion stylists will take care of that for you). Coming to embellishments, minimal if you’re conservative with men wearing on too much embellishment, and if you’re the kind of person who likes to stand out, and have his own signature sherwani, embellishments will do the job. Lastly and most importantly, plain sherwanis are a beautiful timeless classic, and by just pairing them with a Rici Melion Limited Edition set of genuine engraved brass buttons, you can look as good as it gets!

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