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Discovering Gents Kurtas at Rici Melion

Rici Melion being one of Pakistan’s leading exquisite luxury designer label provides delicate kurta for men. Name any kind of kurta preference that you have and we at Rici Melion have it all. Our gents kurta design are made with the most luxurious and premium fabric such as 100% supima cottons and other limited edition fabrics and classic silhouettes with traditional yet contemporary detailing including Pakistani mens kurta embroidery designs that are perfect for any occasion. 

gents kurta design

Moreover, our gents kurta designs are based on new forms of elegance, presenting them as a modern classicism, based on creativity and superior clothing content perfect for everyday and occasional wear basis. With the changing dynamics of our clientele’s shopping patterns and the presence of (Covid-19) online shopping in Pakistan is seen as an emerging trend which is why most of our boys kurta style and kurta for men are also available on our online store along with our brick and mortar store. From the very beginning our gents kurtas have consistently set the bar high with their premier quality and contemporary yet traditional designs.

Our patrons can select a gents kurta for their mehndi or nikkah event and can even pair it with our other product categories like a waistcoat or our exclusive prince coat with the assistance of our expert stylist for their or their loved one’s big day. We at Rici Melion aim to provide the most personal luxurious shopping experience in the world, whether you join us online or shop in store with our unique one of a kind experiential indulgence.

Crafting Stylish Kurta for Men to Perfection

Moreover, men designer clothes like Rici Melion Kurtas go through a whole comprehensive procedure of multifariousness and craftsmanship after our patrons have selected the gents kurta design that they desire. For couture designs, our creative design team will have an initial consultation to better understand your needs. We produce a design with a draft specifically for you which is then taken to the next step of production in which the fabric is cut and stitched. With the threads distributed towards the design, the work lastly converts in to three dimensional and the stylish kurta for men is then formed. 

new kurta design


The blocks are then ready for assemblage and then are sent to our beloved patrons as a superfluity addition to their closet. That being said, the Pakistani modern man can bring their eastern wear game a notch above with our glistening fashionable kurtas crafted from premium fabric cut to the finest trim for a sharp fit, unquestionably substantially uplifting your overall style quotient. Our kurta designs for men are created by our highly skilled and qualified designers who spend relentless hours and hours on research in order to come up with new kurta style to deliver designs as per our patron’s want i.e. the best for you.

Moreover, Rici Melion being the finest men clothing brand is well aware of the cosmopolitan and fast pace lifestyle of the patrons and in order to cater to that, we offer convenience through our exclusive experiential online store with an ease of COD payment method which is available to them 24/7 nationwide.  

The Finest Gents Kurta Designs 

Furthermore, for gents kurta designs Pakistani market varies immensely. The consumer is dynamic in terms of what they want and their preferences constantly are evolving and we at Rici Melion strive to meet them all and be the best in the market for you, both locally and globally. Our new kurta designs are added in every collection to widen the options for our clienteles to choose from and make online shopping in Pakistan hassle free. 

gents kurta design


Our immensely talented production and design team works day and night to offer you gents kurta designs that you have not seen before by overseeing the smallest details to the more eye-catching aspects. Our tailoring team makes sure that our gents kurta designs sit properly on your body and fits like a glove and is exquisite enough for you to stand out in a crowd of thousands. Every piece of new kurta design at Rici Melion is created with providing maximum comfort and splendor that have always set our crafts apart.

Our gents kurta designs are known for their distinctive use of colors, unparalleled quality of fabrics, intricate and unique embroideries and a gloriously rich cultural aesthetics that are evident throughout our designs. We take great pride in offering eastern kurta man style in different varieties to facilitate all tastes and aesthetic preferences of our patrons.

A Perfect Choice for Mens Designer Clothes

Similarly, as a men clothing brand, we have an enormous variety of categories in both eastern and western lines which are created to perfection to meet the needs of our patrons. Our new kurta style that includes both boys kurta style and kurta designs for mens have a personal input of our creative director who takes exquisite elements of our culture and synchronizes them on modern silhouettes to provide the perfect piece for our client. 

kurta designs for mens


He takes the inspiration for our kurtas through distinctly Pakistani and Middle Eastern interspersed with Western influences to cater to both the local and international market needs. The dynamic design sensibility of our kurtas and men clothing on a whole continues to be lauded by the industry, with the brand having been honored with great recognition at different fashion shows and collaborations. Not just this, but also having exclusive and classic patrons like the countries prime minister Mr. Imran Khan who looks like a true symbol of class and style in our gents kurta designs.

The satisfaction of our patrons is of utmost importance to us as at Rici Melion with the ambition of making the finest family of patrons for the generations to come and providing them with the finest luxury mens designer clothes.

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