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Men Unstitched Salwar Kameez | Pakistani Kurta for Men | RICIMELION

Men Unstitched Salwar Kameez | Pakistani Kurta for Men | RICIMELION

The Finest Menswear Label, ‘Rici Melion’

Rici Melion is a Global Luxury Designer Label with the finest retail offering in Pakistan. The brand revolves around utter novelty, which is exceedingly rich in being, fine in taste, inimitable in manner and evolving with its own style and trends while offering excellence in patterns and fit with expert tailoring and premium fabrics. Lanificio Rici Melion is a luxurious range of fine and exotic unstitched fabrics available in different categories.

The unstitched salwar kameez and unstitched salwar kurta fabric range are such ranges that a single glance at them will make you want to acquire them for yourself. Yes, they are that captivating! Rici Melion Lanificio unstitched salwar kameez men fabrics range is available in one of the widest array of options offered by any designer label, with rich fabrics sourced from the finest mills around the globe (handpicked mills of Italy, UK, Turkey & China). If you are browsing online, Rici Melion makes it easier by offering the most premium quality salwar suit in online shopping. Among other varieties, the unstitched cotton suits are the best sellers and a wide array can be found of unstitched cotton suits online on the Rici Melion website. 

The Regal Rici Melion Salwar Kameez Range

The unmatched quality of Rici Melion’s luxurious unstitched salwar kameez fabric distinguish it from the rest by being the finest fabrics ranging in cotton salwar suits, linens, technological finished non creasable fabrics, among few highly acclaimed in the range, whilst being comfortable to wear with its breathable construct. One can easily fine cotton salwar suits with price at the Rici Melion online store and view for themselves, the exquisite variety available. Among other colors, the classic black shalwar kameez and white salwar kameez remain the most highly acclaimed. Intricately weaved separates are also available at the label that has it all.

Kurta salwar online shopping can be done effortlessly by just a click away at Rici Melion. Extremely luxurious salwar kameez dress is all that is needed by the dapper man to stand out in the crowd! Unstitched Kurta for men fabrics are crafted with high contrast yarns to achieve an enchanting and rich tone that is light yet comfortable at the same time, making its immediate presence felt. Intricately weaved, the ever-lasting elegance with the essence of the premium quality unstitched salwar kameez fabric constructed in excellent quality yarn is just the kind of the piece that allows you to make an impression with minimum effort.

Rici Melion ‘A One Stop Solution’

Looking to get a salwar kameez made but unsure of the right fabric? Rici Melion’s exquisite salwar kameez fabric range is fine and luxurious that is robust, durable and dry-cleanable. It is rigorous yet not stiff, making it versatile enough to be adorned with ease and confidence. Fine and exotic exquisite quality fabrics, for all four seasons, are the essence of luxury with uniqueness that showcases expertly-crafted fibers, paying close attention to the length and fineness.  At Rici Melion, the astounding dream of our patrons is satisfied by delivering an exclusive and luxurious range of western and eastern unstitched and stitched menswear attires both, ready to wear and bespoke.

The concept of Rici Melion is to recognize that luxury retail clients expect services as immaculate as its products. Be it unstitched or ready to wear latest salwar kameez, Rici Melion has it all for every function and event. If the buyer is looking for stitched clothes online or specifically for an unstiched kurta material online for everyday comfort wear or for an occasion or for a formal function they can get it from Rici Melion. As it is the only one stop solution for all with a wide array of unstitched Pakistani suits, apt for all seasons. Rici Melion’s unstitched shalwar kameez fabrics are so alluring that these are seen affecting the western dressing precedence. Rici Melion always tends to incorporate new salwar kameez trends and contemporary clothing precedence to enable people to walk ahead of the era of the fashion and has been able to cater all the essentials of eastern clothing. 

Making Rici Melion, Designer Label Products Accessible for Everyone!

It is not easy to find Pakistani unstitched fabric and regal salwar kameez designs with fine quality and expert tailoring. They might look good from afar but on closer inspection, big flaws and poor quality are clearly visible. Rici Melion being a luxury designer label gives value for money spent in regards to the quality, style, stitching and design by providing cheap unstitched salwar kameez to its patrons. The quality of the fabrics and the tailoring adorn international standards ranging from men’s stitched kurta fabric to western suits fabrics.

Each product, either stitched or unstitched of Rici Melion satisfies customers and exceeds beyond one’s expectation, making a customer for a lifetime! Flexible and durable, the Rici Melion unstitched fabrics are robust yet not brittle, to provide you the ultimate flare needed to make an impression and boast modernity. It is a brilliant choice for anyone looking to add flare to the overall look, all the while looking dapper and debonair.  The entire range of unstitched fabrics is available on the Rici Melion website and also the Rici Melion outlets, where the personal stylists will help you select the fabrics and attires that suit you best. 

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