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Pakistani Bridal Dresses | Wedding dresses for Dulhan

Pakistani Bridal Dresses | Wedding dresses for Dulhan

Bespoke Women Exemplary Handcrafted Pakistani Bridal Dresses

Since every girl from her teens till the end dreams about wedding dresses for girls, the exact subtle elements they need until the conclusion and Pakistani bridal dresses are genuine works of craftsmanship in our country as Pakistani wedding dresses are the exemplification of excitement on every girl’s big day. Rici Melion is one of the top listed designer brands for Pakistani bridal dresses and nikkah dresses in Fashion industry of Pakistan, so to look picture-perfect and flawless at your big day the first thing is the selection of best wedding dresses for girls  in which Rici Melion is best option if you want something diverse for yourself according to up-to-date trends. Rici’s wedding dresses for girls are specifically designed by our talented designers for every wedding event with diverse techniques which enhance the beauty of Pakistani bridal dresses. Every time you think of traditional Pakistani bridal dresses and nikkah dresses this designer label is always there to give graceful look to all their Beghum Sahibs.

Diverse & Latest Bridal Dresses For Barat

New bridal dress picks are changing with time and are according to latest trends. Latest bridal dresses are coming every year and every time when you think of a Pakistani traditional bride, you picture yourself in red lehenga harmonising with a choli styled with a sophisticatedly draped dupatta. Rici Melion’s latest bridal dresses worn on wedding incorporate just that,  dynamic colors, perplexing enumerating, and model Beghums full of magnificence. Rici’s new bridal dress is appreciated for its imagination and profound roots in industry while our brand is always in with latest bridal dresses especially bridal dresses for barat. Hence, In the event that you’re pondering what would suit you in specific, must have a see at Rici Melion’s latest bridal dresses for your picture-perfect body sort and bridal look.

Traditional Red Dulhan dresses for all brides to be

Usually a traditional Pakistani wedding holds three to four different events. Barat; the wedding which is an event by the bride's family, most of the brides wear red barat dresses. Rici Melion wedding dresses are all enhanced with gold and silver embellishments specifically into the texture, Zari and Zardozi, technique is also used to enhance dulhan dresses while numerous attention-grabbing colors are combined into barat dresses totally depending on the bride's desire. For Wedding dresses for all the brides-to-be, particularly when it comes to barat dresses, Rici Melion should surely be on the top of the list.

Heavily Adorned Handmade Bridal Mehndi dresses

While the wedding dresses for girls vary with traditions and each occasion, Bridal mehndi dresses for a traditional Pakistani mehndi are perfectly one of a kind. These mehndi dress for bride mostly consolidate dynamic sparkling colors and embellishments into overall dazzling bridal mehndi dresses. Luxurious, contemporary and lively Rici Melion bridal mehndi dresses are admired by brides as their dream mehndi dress for bride which is heavily adorned with handmade craftsmanship. These Rici Melion wedding dresses for girls give the kind of allure every begum sahiba looks forward to in her bridal mehndi dress and these ravishing bridal mehndi dresses will definitely have you charmed.

Ravishing Pakistani bridal dresses ft. Rici Melion East Begum Sahibas

The last occasion of the wedding is the walima day, consisting of more of pastel and neutral shades while Rici Melion Pakistani bridal dresses for walima sets the quality of the entire occasion. This brand is one of the leading designers who have really set up themselves as the 'brand leaders' in Pakistani bridal dresses. Rici Melion Pakistani bridal dresses with prices are mentioned on their website and each bridal dress price starts from Rupees 250,000 to Rupees 450,000 for their Beghums and Nawabs with the most convenient payment methods. Presently it could be a high time to spare your valuable time, you need to have a look on Rici Melion’s Pakistani wedding dresses with prices to have your dream Beghum Sahiba look on your big day.


Rici Melion is busy producing the latest bridal dresses and their new bridal dresses are diverse in choosing the right dress for the bridal wear as their talented designers are making the wedding dresses for girls according to latest trends and brides changing desires, perfect for every occasion within quality and worth the price. The brand also offers COD (cash on delivery) and suitable payment methods for their all respectable customers.


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