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RTW Sherwanis

RTW Sherwanis

Rici Melion, a global designer label with a fine luxury retail experience, has marked its name permanently on the map with its design philosophy. The exquisite couture of Rici Melion, especially grooms-wear that is highly ornamented and traditional, caters to an important list of clientele all around the globe. The use of luxurious fabrics, classic silhouettes and meticulous attention to detail focuses exclusively on quality and impeccable fit to strive towards excellence.

Rici Melion has witnessed immense growth of traditional clothing in its demand & with Rici Melion you can don yourself in a variety of intricately designed and embellished ready to wear Sherwanis. Beguile with the enchanting sherwani collection of Rici Melion and wear the ready to wear sherwani that will give you a rich appearance. A variety of sherwanis can be seen including plain sherwanis and sherwanis embellished with thread work, sequins, stone, zari and bead embroidery.

Traditional ready to wear Sherwanis are buttoned up to the collar and lengthwise they are made below the knee but Rici Melion is also catering to the need of modern men by providing them sherwanis that are above the knee which adds to the charm and grace of men. Rici Melion sherwani fits quite close to the body and this is what lends to its elegance. Thus, fitting is of utmost importance, as it has the capability to make or break the whole look. When it comes to ornamentation, the sherwanis are embellished with varied kinds of artwork such as beads, mirrors, sequins and embroidery, which makes all the sherwanis of Rici Melion an epitome of perfection.

A variety of color palettes in sherwanis are available with rich material fabrics including art brocade jamavar, silk, velvet. All the sherwanis vary in designs, patterns and cuts with full or half ban collar. The immaculate craft of ready to wear sherwani collection is a perfect combination of color, material & work that will make you look alluring at any occasion or wedding.

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