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  • RTW Sherwanis

    RTW Sherwanis

    Rici Melion, a global designer label with a fine luxury retail experience, has marked its name permanently on the map with its design philosophy. The exquisite couture of Rici Melion,...

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  • Complete your eastern look with Rici Melion Waistcoat collection

    Complete your eastern look with Rici Melion Waistcoat collection

    Waistcoats are now a fashion statement they can be seen from the ramps of the fashion walks to the streets of Pakistan. Waistcoats over shalwar kameez or kurta are becoming...

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  • The Traditional Dress: Sherwani

    The Traditional Dress: Sherwani

    Sherwani is an attire that can be traced back in Central Asia during the times when it was the dress for the nobles of Turkey and Persia in the Delhi...

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  • About RTW Shalwar Kameez

    About RTW Shalwar Kameez

    Rici Melion, a global designer label that revolves around utter novelty, provides a quality control in their Shalwar kameez that reflects the craftsmanship and effort put into customer satisfaction. Rici...

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  • About RTW Formal Shirts

    About RTW Formal Shirts

    The foundation of Rici Melion’s craft includes the constant research that goes into quality raw materials, the introduction of new yarns...

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  • About RTW Prince Suits

    About RTW Prince Suits

    Rici Melion is known for drawing inspiration from tradition and folklore to create timeless pieces. Each of the creation exemplifies the traditional technique, skill and work. All the pieces at...

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  • Is Eastern wear not important? Etiquettes of fine Eastern dressing!

    Is Eastern wear not important? Etiquettes of fine Eastern dressing!

    Yes, thats how terribly Rici Melion feels when our expert team of fashion connoisseurs started off with educating our patrons on how, when and where to dress to being a...

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  • RTW About blazers

    RTW About blazers

    Rici Melion has fulfilled the need of being the lavish global designer label and has rooted the trends of Milan in to its design philosophy. It has been made sure...

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  • About RTW Western Waistcoats

    About RTW Western Waistcoats

    Rici Melion has evolved itself as per the latest fashion trends and provides a one window solution for a complete men's wardrobe. Rici Melion a global designer label name in...

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  • About Awami Waistcoats

    About Awami Waistcoats

    You can make sure to give a smart update to your eastern style with the Rici Melion ready to wear awami waistcoats. Smarten up your shalwar kameez with our glistening...

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  • History of the White Shirt

    History of the White Shirt

    We are all familiar with the classic white button down shirt, aren’t we? But do we know that it dates back to almost 200 years ago, when this single piece...

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  • The Denim Care!

    The Denim Care!

    Finding the right denim is a task and once you do, it becomes a unique piece to you as it showcases an extension to your personality and is personalized by...

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