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Unstitched Salwar Kameez for Men | Gents Kurta Collection  | RICIMELION

Unstitched Salwar Kameez for Men | Gents Kurta Collection | RICIMELION

Desire Your Entire Life’s Best Quality Unstitched Salwar Kameez? Rici Melion has you covered!

Quality of Rici Melion’s Unstitched Salwar Kameez is unparalleled 

Everyone wants to know why the unstitched salwar kameez of the finest designer label, Rici Melion is the Pakistani salwar kameez unstitched fabric provider’s pinnacle benchmark. The fact of the matter is that providing salwar suit online shopping was the later part, as we have always excelled in providing our patrons premium quality fabrics in our retail outlets, and have acclaimed great respect and validation from our loyal clients and hence provide the same unstitched cotton suits online from our widely ranged array of unstitched fabric men’s selections.



Having experience of the most complex tailoring in our manufacturing plant, we were able to identify what kind of Pakistani salwar kameez fabrics would not only satisfy the need with regards to our weather and color preferences, but also the quality unstitched cotton suits online that would be durable and well aligned to giving the right fall and finishing when stitched. Salwar suit online shopping comes with the stress of not being able to feel and really understand the quality, but since even our unstitched cotton suits online offering is also from the best mills handpicked by our strenuous quality check parameters, gives our patrons the added advantage of being mentally at peace, and receiving a top notch salwar suit online shopping experience. Rici Melion has always prided in quality, for the mere fact that quality and luxury go hand in hand, and our brand mantra revolving around pure luxury and finesse means providing Pakistani salwar kameez quality like no other with easy COD (cash on delivery) services nationwide.

Colors that make the unstitched fabrics look as great as they feel!

One of our most highly demanded and signature staples would be our black shalwar kameez and white salwar kameez unstitched fabrics, for two very strong reasons; firstly that we have a huge set of repeat customers who fondly love our two staple color fabrics and second that everyone does ultimately need a nice pair of black shalwar kameez and white salwar kameez in their wardrobe! When we talk about the summer seasons, cotton salwar suit is a fabric choice that our salwar suit online shopping offering has a wide range in, and each cotton salwar suit with price points that can be used for daily wear and occasional event based wear as well. Whenever we talk about the salwar kameez dress, we automatically must understand the history and importance of a black salwar kameez and white salwar kameez.



For starters, Friday is a common day where the salwar kameez men range is adorned the most, particularly for the holy day and its prestige. White salwar kameez shows purity, cleanliness and a refreshing aura and similarly the black shalwar kameez exhibits luxury, prestige and sophisticated elegance especially when the cotton salwar suit is from our limited edition range. Salwar kameez dress on its own has this ability to give an overall elegant appeal but the color choice of the cotton salwar suit is equally important as validated above. 

Latest materials that will make the longest lived unstitched Pakistani suits

Unstitched kurta material online is usually not at par, and unfortunately some people do not even have the fundamentals of what materials and unstitched clothes online offering should be given. Luckily, Rici Melion’s latest salwar kameez unstitched clothes online are rigorously tested, and sourced from Lanificio Rici Melion at the prime understanding of what unstitched Pakistani suits should feel, look and be like.



Alongside Rici Melion providing very convenient payment methods such as cash on delivery (COD) all over Pakistan we also pride the fact that new salwar kameez ranges are constantly added to our unstitched clothes online range, with the agenda of providing our patrons something that would be truly characterized as being the latest salwar kameez in their wardrobe, worthy of being a new salwar kameez that would turn heads and most importantly feel so great to keep your head in the right mindset for the admirable softness, breathability and drape of the fabrics. Salwar suits for wedding with price are given in our unstitched category, and they are for a fact one of our pillar fabrics especially our new salwar kameez range, which has made its way to dressing up several members of the parliament on weddings. Unstitched Pakistani suits having multiple occasions to wear them on, allowing Rici Melion to offer new salwar kameez fabrics with the latest salwar kameez designs updated on our online store very regularly. 

Salwar Kameez designs that never go old!

Rici Melion being the finest designer label provides salwar suit online shopping with immense research and customer facilitation by providing salwar kameez designs along each unstitched salwar kameez deeming it our label’s responsibility to ensure the fabric is designed to the parameters of the super fine unstitched fabrics. Salwar kameez designs are usually best addressed with our signature elegant subtle touches in our design guides of the unstitched cotton suits for instance, and make them stand tall compared to any other unstitched Pakistani suits.



Men’s unstitched kurta fabric is proudly offered and is not only of vibrant colors but also some latest designs have been incorporated to give a stylish edge to your look, hence giving you the exclusivity you deserve. Cheap unstitched salwar kameez would not be the prime description of our fine fabrics but keeping in mind that the Pakistani unstitched fabric is worn by many on a daily basis, we have made some extremely affordable fabrics of unstitched clothes online particularly in our basic edition line. To say the least, salwar suit online shopping is truly amazing for the quality, details, designs and price point that Rici Melion offers, being truly unparalleled to anyone else with the ease of doorstep delivery and cash on delivery services. 

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