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Wedding Sherwani for Groom | Designer Men New Style Sherwani | RICI

Wedding Sherwani for Groom | Designer Men New Style Sherwani | RICI

The Wedding Sherwani for Groom

A notable attire of all times, sherwani for men especially sherwani for groom have been an important choice since many years. A sherwani design generally resembles an Achkan with its long silhouette and it is a popular choice for wedding sherwani. Since many years, sherwani dress and sherwani suit have been considered as the right choice for wedding and dulha sherwani tend to be a basic in a wedding. The groom can either opt for a simple sherwani that is a classic black sherwani style or can choose a designer sherwani for groom with experimental cuts and exquisite embellishments, from a designer label like Rici Melion.

sherwani for men, sherwani for groom

There are numerous options for men’s wedding sherwanis available, whether it is a new sherwani that has just been launched or a latest sherwani following the novel trends, all can be found easily at Rici melion. Apart from various fabric options, there are a wide variety of colors that a groom can choose from, like the classic black sherwani, a blue sherwani or a white sherwani.

Best Sherwani style For Men in 2020

An exquisite best sherwani denotes the rich contemporary and traditional style trends that offer latest sherwani design  as it is a traditional outfit of men of the subcontinent since many years. Gents sherwani radiates grace and finesse. As sherwanis tend to fuse both eastern and western touch, new sherwani design tends to look as graceful as ever, if worn in the right way that compliments your body structure and body type. For weddings, bridal sherwani is considered a typical attire for men and they can choose from various sherwani designs for groom. Apart from being a popular wedding outfit for groom, best sherwani design are also popular among the groomsmen and other people attending the event as a formal attire.

sherwani for men, sherwani for groom

Embroidery and embellishments are done on golden sherwani or any other to enhance its overall look. There is an array of premium fabrics like a silk or a velvet sherwani, designs, various colors which can be used for a sherwani like a navy blue sherwani, red sherwani, royal blue sherwani, maroon sherwani or a black sherwani for groom. The selection is essentially dependent on the personal preferences of the groom and also of the occasion but Rici Melion trained stylists can guide on what will look best. The latest sherwani designs for groom ornately and exquisitely decorated to enhance the look. A dulha dress with price various depending on the choice of fabric and design, whether a simple sherwani design is chosen or a dulha dress sherwanis, the range is different. The groom can also choose the silhouette, it can be a long or short sherwani.

Since its inception, a gent’s sherwani design is greatly signified respect and etiquette of the elite. A latest sherwani style radiates a regal and royal feel, no wonder it is considered an apt attire for grooms on their special day. Pakistani wedding sherwanis are a unique attire that can be different according to the wearer’s preferences. Rici Melion offers both, custom and ready to wear branded sherwanis to its patrons that radiate signature aesthetic of a Rici Melion sherwani. A sherwani black color is a classic that has been adorned by countless men on their big day and still the demand for it remains the same from new grooms.

sherwani design for men, Latest sherwani for groom

A groom sherwani style can vary with the preference of the groom, he can either get a classic silhouette sherwani or a short sherwani style that is a prince sherwani. Sherwani for barat are mostly preferred by grooms and usually for groomsmen the same choice of attire is preferred as well but in variations from the groom. Apart from a wide array of sherwani color options, there are premium fabric options available as well, a silk, brocade or a jamawar sherwani can be chosen for this purpose. A Pakistani designer sherwani can be found at none other than Rici Melion, all the Pakistani sherwanis offered are a class apart and will prove to be a head turner attire for the wearer on his special day.

Latest Sherwani Design forn Gents

With emerging trends and new style sherwani design for male, changes in how sherwanis were worn years ago can be witnessed. Due to new trends, styling and fabric options available, there are a variety of sherwani collection available that a groom can choose from on his big day. As the fit of the sherwani dress for men is constructed to be close to the body, the perfect fit is essential to look best and Rici Melion makes sure of just that to make you special day as extraordinary as it can be. Intricately embellished and exuberantly ornate sherwanis lend elegance to the wearer and serves as an embodiment of sartorial excellence and regality. The association of a sherwani attire is largely with formal occasions like weddings and for informal ones it is still not much preferred.

Best sherwani for men, sherwani for groom in 2020

A well-constructed sherwani with expert tailoring and the right embellishments demands attention and is apt for grooms on their special day. There are numerous color options for a groom to choose from, like a white sherwani for groom, grey sherwani, red sherwani for groom, maroon sherwani for groom, green sherwani, black sherwani for men’s, a black velvet sherwani and many others. A groom can either wear a sherwani pajama or a sherwani with shalwar, both options are apt for the occasion of a barat. Rici Melion also offers Pakistani sherwani online to make the buying process easier if one is unable to visit the store.


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