About RTW Prince Suits

Rici Melion is known for drawing inspiration from tradition and folklore to create timeless pieces. Each of the creation exemplifies the traditional technique, skill and work. All the pieces at Rici Melion are unique because of the rich details and modern fitting combined with astute craftsmanship. Rici Melion artisans specialize in harmonizing traditional silhouettes seamlessly with contemporary luxury designs. Each craft at Rici Melion demonstrates the guiding philosophy of traditional and modern mix.


Rici Melion will make you feel like a royalty with its eastern collection of ready to wear prince coats. The entire collection of prince coats is meticulously handcrafted on a high quality luxurious material with different intricate designs that have round full/half band collars, 7/9/12 button front, brass/engraved buttons and hand-embellished. Excellent craftsmanship, modern cuts and rich accessories dominate the entire work of Rici Melion. The objective is to ensure that the wearer stands out and the prince coat drapes the body in a way that it seems a part of it. The timeless collection of Rici Melion ready to wear prince coats will gravitate all attention to you.