Pakistani Men Wedding Dresses | Sherwani & Prince Coat Shopping

Bespoke Men eastern wear and Pakistani Wedding Dresses, an interesting play on textiles and textures that never fail to impress.

The wide range of luxurious Wedding Dresses for man with infinite options 

With wedding season just around the corner, brides and grooms all over Pakistan start frantically searching for beautiful traditional Pakistani wedding dresses. Wedding dress for man and woman are ornate with different designs and motifs in a mix and match of various luxurious fabrics. The fabrics have minute details on them and are mostly self-embroidered in traditional patterns. The fabrics and textiles that adorn the designs of Pakistani wedding dresses generally include brocade, velvet, jacquard and raw silk.

While most women are interested in traditional and indigenous embroideries, good Wedding dress for man adorns sleek tailoring. Nowadays, many men like to challenge the basic image of a traditional groom and jump on the bandwagon of trying something unique and different on their wedding day. As a wedding is one of the most memorable day of one’s life, there is no reason why he should not go for an out of the box style statement. Barat dresses for man also come embellished with embroideries and a little play on silhouette for those who enjoy taking a few risks. Sherwanis are made in modern cuts with fusion to contemporary designs and are paired with dhotis for an unconventional look to cater the ones who want to experiment.

A plethora of Sherwani styles for men with an eye for versatility

Ideally a sherwani for a groom is preferred over a suit on his wedding day, especially on the occasion of Barat. Sherwani designs include interesting play on the silhouette, with embellished collars, pockets and bands. Designers experiment with different sherwani styles to make things interesting and grand as the Avant Garde man isn't content with the standard, worn out style alternatives available and has become extremely design cognizant which has raised the bar for versatility in eastern wedding wear.

Traditional sherwanis for men feature an interesting play on textiles and textures for subtlety, where as some designers prefer going completely out by creating asymmetrically embellished sherwani while keeping the traditional silhouette intact. Some men like to take the subtle road and choose a Black sherwani, the classic Muhammad Ali Jinnah attire, which of course always looks chic, elegant and evergreen. 

The modern substitute to the traditional Sherwani – Prince Coats for Grooms

In today’s time, Modern day grooms also prefer opting prince coats on their wedding day. A prince coat design usually caters to those who want to keep things minimal and subtle, all the while keeping the grandiose intact. This jacket style sherwani has a regal taste and assists with shaping an incredible and innovative viewpoint to the groom’s personality. Prince coats for grooms are made in beautiful locally sourced textiles and exemplary materials like banarasi, jamawar and raw Silkstone wash, with minimal embroideries on the band or the cuff.


They are admired across the globe for their classic and antique motifs with sequins work as well as heavy zardozi and gold tilla embroidery in an overall pattern. Prince coat for men also feature interesting details, similar to that of a Chanel jacket which give the groom a the best of both worlds keeping it cutting edge yet royal and traditional at the same time. Recently a lot of men like buying shades of blue, black, ox blood and even prefer pastels when shopping for a prince coat for wedding pairing it with a long pajama and cotemporary chappal for getting the perfect look.

Attention to details while making regal Prince Coat for Grooms

Designers like to keep things subtle when designing a prince coat for grooms as the choice of fabric and cut of the outfit is a piece of artwork on its own. The prince coat style is usually kept clean, with great undertones of sleek tailoring and made to measure fits which helps giving the groom a more classy and modern look. You’ll find a lot of south Asian embroidery and printing techniques on a wedding prince coat in fusion with the run of the mill flora and fauna verdure of Europe so you can feel a substance of both the European and the customary Pakistani notes in the outfit. Prince coats for barat are usually made in shades of red, blue and black with floral embroideries like lilies, creepers and paisleys. Floral trails can be seen embroidered on a groom prince coat taking inspiration from the royal period as the use of floral patterns on traditional attire dates back to the Mughal Empire who celebrated the art of symbolism. 

What to expect when looking for the perfect Pakistani Wedding Dress

So if you are planning on going out to shop for a wedding dress for man, make sure to keep a few things in mind. Always prefers the chicest fit and try getting a custom design fit made for you. Designers like Rici Melion that states to offers the Finest Luxury come in handy at this point.

A custom made look will not only make you stand out but it will also make you feel majestic and great on your special day getting everything catered and tailored according to your wish and demand. While curating your look, don’t shy away from incorporating interesting accessories like stoles, shawls, turbans and traditional ‘haars’ to make your special day even more memorable and worth the while.

If nothing works out always remember to cash on a black sherwani or a prince coat. Black never fails, even on your big day.