Non-Laser Tattoo Removal Training by Xtract?

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Non-Laser Tattoo Removal Training by Xtract?

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Add an extra stream of income
Take part in our campaign to remove the branding tattoos forced on victims of sex trafficking (optional)
Natural ingredients, patent pending technology.
Removes permanent make-up including eyeliner, eyebrows and scalp pigmentation
Safe on all ink colors and delicate eye area.
Intensive training includes
Theory and hands on w/live models
Training manual
Xtract product kit
Proof of Current BBP is required for all Xtract classes. We keep our classes small to ensure the confidence of each student.

What is Xtract and what makes it the method of choice?
Natural ingredients and patent-pending technology
No ink color restrictions
Removes permanent makeup including eyeliner, eyebrows and scalp pigmentation
This is the scientifically proven best effective tattoo removal system in the tattoo industry, taking between 3-6 removals treatments compared the 15-20 with a laser. The Xtract method has the lowest scar potential, making it the safest way to remove ink on all skin types, dark completion to light. Laser treatments burn and scar the skin, especially severe on dark skin types. Xtract synergistically works with the body’s cells for the removal of a tattoo, by pulling the ink to the surface of the skin to eliminate the toxic materials from entering the bloodstream or to affect the primary organs that ink targets like the lymph, kidneys, liver, and heart.

Laser push these harmful toxins to the bloodstream and organs. There are no color restrictions with the Xtract method. Laser cannot say the same. The Xtract process is a physician-designed, patent-pending technology, utilizing advanced skin repair techniques by creating an immune response within the body and treating the skin with 74 nutrients. We don’t just remove a tattoo, we protect and aid the skin in healing. Xtract is the only treatment for allergic reactions caused by tattoo ink and is far more affordable and better tolerated than any laser.

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The Major Advantages Of Our Tattoo Removal Process Are:

1. Very low pain level. Patients claim it is about 10% compared to the tattoo being added.
2. This technique removes all colors, including the difficult blue & green inks.
3. It is safe for all skin types, light, medium or dark complexions.
4. It has a low risk of scarring
5. The removal actually removes the ink through the surface of the skin.
6. It can take 3-5 treatments, about 3 times less treatments
7. It removes ink allergens and calms the removal reaction.

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