Mernine - Khussa

Mernine - Khussa

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These pure leather khussas are a class apart with the two toned finish, leaving the wearer with a statement look

  • Whole cut oxford 
  • Slighly grained premium leather 

Rici Melion, exemplifies craftsmanship via an array of footwear products including Khussas. Khussa is a traditional and versatile footwear category, made with great care and effort at Rici Melion with the premium quality of leather to depict excellence. Rici Melion’s brilliantly manufactured leather and fabric khussascomes in a variety of colors and variations, including simplistic yet dignified leather designs and embellished fabric ones for festive occasions. Be it a pair of shalwar kameez or a sherwani, khussas make the overall look quite exuberant.