Shah - Sherwani

Shah - Sherwani

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 Shah Embodying decent lightness, the black-on-black embellished Sherwani displays understated elegance.


  • Sherwani  Fabric: Silk
  • Colors: Black,
  • Full heavy embellishments of black.

Rici MelionEastern Couture captures the ambiance of the bygone era of the Nawabs. While some of its glory can still be witnessed in what it left behind, Rici Melion Eastern Couture is here to continue to depict the royal legacy. Every piece combines the expertise of the specialists and the artistry of the master tailors celebrating the story of historical crafts, heritage, and old-world luxury. Rici MelionEastern Couture is for Nawab Sahabs who is a living example of the past glory who was styled as his exalted highness and flourished as a gentleman of the highest class.