skin hydration analyzer

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skin hydration analyzer

Size and design

In general, skin moisture analyzers aren’t big and bulky. However, there are definitely some models that are designed for portability. Some skin moisture analyzers look similar to a pen and can easily fit into a makeup case or bag. The downside to these products is the small digital display, which can be hard to read.
Other skin moisture analyzers have a shorter, wider design with a bigger display, yet they still come in palm-sized packages. If you get one with a bigger display, you may also enjoy a wider variety of readings.
The third and final product design looks like a disk with a hole in the center. Moisture sensors line the interior circle with two probes on the underside to take additional moisture readings. These designs are held against the skin and transmit results via Bluetooth at a phone app.

Battery type and size

The type of battery required depends on the model, but the types range from AAA, C, and AG13 to a few which aren’t removable or rechargeable. Skin moisture analyzers that don’t have removable batteries are advertised as lasting up to three years, but two years or less is typical. Battery type and size also affects the size and weight of the unit. As you can imagine, smaller batteries equal less weight.



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Moisture detection

Skin moisture analyzers use bioelectric impedance analysis (BIA) technology, which is the same technology used in some bathroom scales. BIA measures body composition, including water content, by passing a harmless electrical current from one probe through the skin to a second probe. The time it takes to travel from one probe to the other determines the moisture level.

A few factors can affect the accuracy of results.

Recent exercise

Excessive perspiration


Skincare products

Hydration level

Try to keep the conditions and location of the reading the same for the best comparative results.

Oil detection

Oil detection technology can help you decide what kind of skin care products to use. While this is a convenient feature, not all skin moisture analyzers have it. However, most people already know if they have oily skin. An analyzer will just tell you how oily and can help you measure if a particular skincare product is reducing oil levels.

Display size

It goes without saying that the smaller the analyzer, the smaller the display. Models with a larger display are not only are easier to read, but they usually show more information, such as oil and skin softness level in addition to moisture level. Models that connect to a smartphone via an app have the best and most informative displays on the market. But then, of course, you’ve got the added hassle of connecting to a phone to see your results.

Skin softness

A few skin moisture analyzers also rate skin softness, which is based on a combination of the moisture and oil levels.

Included charts and measures

Moisture, oil, and softness measurements don’t mean much if you can’t interpret them. A good skin moisture analyzer should, at the very least, come with a chart that tells you how to interpret readings. The best models may have a booklet and charts for each season. They may also include advice on makeup and skincare products. Models that connect to a smartphone app create charts to show you patterns in your moisture levels. They also have occasional beauty tips and advice based on your readings.

Bluetooth connectivity

The latest skin moisture analyzers include Bluetooth technology and produce readings in under two seconds, though it may take longer to show up in the app. However, while the results are definitely easier to read, the readings are similar in accuracy to other models. A note of caution: these models are new to the market, and manufacturers haven’t had time to work out all of the kinks. While some units work very well, connectivity issues do arise once in a while.


Skin moisture analyzers are typically small enough to fit inside a makeup bag or purse. If you want to keep one with you while you travel, those with a pen-like design are the thinnest and most lightweight. However, you may sacrifice on readings, because many of them only take skin moisture readings.

Cap and stand

All skin moisture analyzers have a cap to cover and protect the probes through which the electric current passes. Only a select few also have a stand. You only need to worry about a stand if you plan to have the analyzer on your countertop. Otherwise, it can be safely stored in a drawer or makeup bag.

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